Best Halloween Costumes For Men, Women & Kids In 2016

Best Halloween Costumes 2016

Best Halloween Costumes 2015Attending a Halloween party is always a lot of fun, providing the perfect opportunity for everyone to dress up in colorful, funny, or outright creepy outfits. And here at the Best Halloween Costumes Guide 2016, we’ll help you find the best costume for you.

The 2016 costume collection is still awaiting confirmation and this page will be updated with some of the hottest outfits of the year as soon as we start getting news and photos of what’s coming out, and their release or pre-order information.


There are a great range of costumes that have arrived for 2015 based on new movies, video games, trends and good old creativity. In this article we will provide an overview of a selection of the best Halloween costumes in 2015 to give you a few ideas of what’s out there and what’s hot.

Movie Costumes

Iron Man 3 CostumeWe all love a great movie, and the characters that we see inspire us to dress up as those characters for Halloween. So what are some of the hottest Halloween outfits in 2015? One of the best choices is an Iron man costume. Now in his third independent movie outing, or fourth if you want to count Avengers Assemble, Iron Man is very hot property, with Women’s and Kids versions of the outfit available too.

And this year you are spoilt for choice because you can get both the Iron Man costume mark 42 based on the classic design, or you can get the awesome looking Iron man patriot costume suited and booted in the colors of the United States flag. There are also sexy women’s Iron man costumes available as well based on the mark 42 design.


Man Of Steel CostumesIron man is not the only superhero to be hitting the big screen this year. Superman has been rebooted once again, starring the British actor Henry Cavill with Russell Crowe as his Kryptonian father Jor-El, and Kevin Costner as his adoptive father Jonathan Kent.

Superman is bad ass once again, and you can now buy the new incarnation of his outfit with your very own Man of Steel costume.

Prefer to be the bad guy? That’s fine, you can dress up as General Zod instead, with his imposing and menacing black outfit. For the ladies, you can get a Faora costume. Some of the best Halloween costumes always go to the most popular superheros.

Another great movie costume is green rogue of Whoville – The Grinch. Dressing in a Grinch costume is bound to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Some other ideas of characters that you may wish to dress up as from the big screen this year, you may want to dress up as your favorite Star Trek character. Another huge Avengers character also returns to the big screen this year in the form of Thor.

Children’s Movie Costumes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle CostumesFor children, they can dress up as those lovable monsters Mike and Sulley from monsters Inc, in their latest movie monsters University. Or they too can dress up in a Man Of Steel kids costume as Superman, General Zod or Faora.

Or they can dress in an Iron Man kids costume, which also is available in the mark 42 and patriot costume designs.

If they loved this year’s GI Joe movie, there are several GI Joe retaliation costumes for them to dress in. Also bound to go down a storm are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes, as those lovable heroes in half shell return to the big screen.

Novelty & Funny Costumes

Royal Prince William And Kate Middleton Couples CostumesThe other great Halloween costumes of 2015 are the novelty and funny costumes. These costumes often appear a little bit silly, to humorous political send-ups or statements, to outrageously sexually suggestive.

One of the biggest type of novelty costumes for women right now are cute monster and animal Rave outfits. There are a fantastic range of shooting cuddly monsters to dress up in and shake your booty in.

Have you ever wanted to be a mermaid? The Siren Of The Sea costume enables you to be the sexiest mermaid out of water ever to be seen. Renaissance costumes also have made a big comeback for 2015.

Sun Drop CostumeAnd, if you haven’t seen the Sun Drop advert, let alone tasted the drink, where have you been? Emulate the funniest dancer on TV in your very own Sun Drop costume.

And as with the ladies Sun Drop girl costume, there is of course the Sun Drop guy costume as well. If you will be attending the party as a boy/girl pair, you may even like to consider going as a double act.

Party guests will surely love to see Sun Drop Guy and Sun Drop Girl “dropping like it’s hot” right in front of them.

What other costumes are there for men? How about dressing up in a big headed hamster costume? Or a Grateful Dead blue dancing bear?

Or for one of the saucy costumes, how about a waiter that walks around with a very serious undercover hotdog standing ready and waiting for attention that was not on the menu? If you just want something a bit audible, why not dress up as a bottle of ketchup or mustard?

Love eating M&Ms? Fantastic, now you can dress up as one too in your very own M&Ms costume as your favorite M&Ms color, or the candy wrapper.

If Batman brings back to you memories of the classic 1966 TV series, then you will be pleased to know that you can now buy the original TV series Batman costume, Robin costume and the girls the Batgirl costume. Up until now these designs may have been difficult to acquire. Batman remains one of the best Halloween costumes consistently showing up in every year’s Halloween catalogue in many different outfit styles from the designs featured in his various media appearances.

Colonial, Medieval, and Victorian costumes are also hot in 2015.

Video Game Costumes Rock

Connor Kenway CostumeFinally, although there aren’t a great many that have come out specifically in 2015 so far, video game costumes are always very hot to wear. You’re probably well aware of the Angry Birds range of outfits.

These are fantastic to wear as not only is the game popular but the costumes look as crazy to wear as the Angry Birds are, so they will bring smiles and laughter too. You can get a costume designed on the original angry birds.

The Iceberg and Laser Angry Birds and the Star Wars Angry Birds costumes are on clearance, so you might be able to get one of those if you prefer those designs.

Were you a big fan of Pac Man when you were a child? Fantastic, because now you can go to a Halloween party dressed up as your favorite pill munching yellow eater.

Or if you are someone that likes to side with the bad guys, the Pac Man ghost costumes are absolutely hilarious. They can be worn either as a sweater with your head and arms sticking out, or over your head, making you look like a ghost.

If Pac-Man was a bit too much before your time, then how about one of the oldest and still going strong set of video game characters of all time – the characters from super Mario Bros? You can dress up as Mario, Luigi, or Toad, and for ladies you can dress up as Princess Peach.

Super Mario, Angry Birds and Pacman costumes, are also great if you want to go with friends as a group.

Mortal Kombat Halloween CostumesIf more adult games are your thing, then there are a good range of character costumes from the Mortal Kombat series, the Halo series, and Ezio and Connor Kenway from the Assassin’s Creed series of video games.

So whatever your style, these are the best Halloween costumes to wear in 2015, hopefully amongst the suggestions you have found the ideal costume that you wish to go with your costume party!