Iron Man 3 Costume For Halloween – Men, Women & Kids


Iron Man 3 Costume – Patriot & Mark 42 For Men, Women & Kids

Iron Man 3 CostumeOne of the best costumes to buy in 2013 from one of the hottest movies of 2013 is the new Iron Man 3 Costume.

(Also available: Iron Man Civil War Costume)

There are two of them to choose from. There is the fantastic Patriot costume and the latest spin on the original design Mark 42 costume.

Helmets can also be bought separately if you do not want a complete costume.

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When it comes to superhero movie franchises of the last 10 years, the next most successful franchise after Batman is Iron Man.

NOTE: The most up to date Captain America Civil War Iron Man Costume is also available.

Now in his third movie – Iron Man 3 as well as appearing as one of the main characters in the Avengers movie, the man of iron is hot stuff for Halloween and any other costume event this year!

It’s now your chance to shine as the great superhero yourself for Halloween 2013 in an Iron Man 3 costume. Suit up in the fantastic Mark 42 or Patriot Outfit and kick the butt of The Mandarin and any other Halloween fiend that gets in your way.

Iron Man 3 Patriot Costume

Iron Man 3 Patriot Adult CostumeThe Patriot Costume is sure to delight at your costume party and make you feel like a real superhero with its LED arc reactor in the 3D chest piece.

As well as the 3D chest piece (which includes 3 LR44 batteries to operate the LED arc reactor) you also get a jumpsuit plus full Patriot mask.

You can optionally purchase Patriot gloves if you are a completist, you can find these below.

This Iron Man 3 costume is officially licensed and will look super bad at any costume party this – don’t forget to wear it to a 4th of July or any US themed party as well as Halloween.

Iron Man Patriot Costume Gloves

Iron Man 3 Patriot Deluxe Adult GlovesPatriot Costume Gloves

While the costume looks great as it is, and does include the Helmet, it does not include the gloves.

If you are a completist, you can complete your Patriot War Machine costume with a pair of Patriot gloves.

These hand wash only gloves come in matching colors to the outfit to complete the character look.

These gloves are officially licensed.

Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Costume

Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Adult CostumeThe Mark 42 Costume is fantastic for everyone that prefers the original style of the man of iron, over the radically overhauled Patriot counterpart.

Retain the classic, but modernized red and gold Iron Man look in the Mark 42 costume.

This Iron Man 3 costume includes a jumpsuit plus a 3D chest piece with LED arc reactor (3 LR44 batteries included), plus Mark 42 helmet.

If you are a completist, you can also buy Mark 42 gloves and Arc reactor. You can find these below.

This costume is an officially licensed costume.

Iron Man Mark 42 Costume Gloves

Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Deluxe Adult GlovesMark 42 Costume Gloves

If you prefer to complete the look, then you can cover your hands to complete the costume with these Mark 42 gloves.

These gloves are hand wash only and come in the gloves come in matching red and gold colors of the character outfit.

These gloves are officially licensed.

Iron Man 3 Arc Reactor Glow Accessory

Iron Man 3 Arc Reactor Glow AccessoryIt is time to power up and kick some butt. Complete your Mark 42 costume with the Arc reactor.

Utilizing glow stick technology, add a touch of magic and wonder to your costume that will ensure you stand out at the party.

The Mark 42 costume Arc Reactor consists of one glowing chest piece.

The Arc reactor accessory is an officially licensed product.


Female Iron Man Costume For Sexy Women

Female Iron Man CostumeSuit up as Ms Stark in the fantastic Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Costume or Bustier. For the woman that likes a full and complete sexy outfit, there’s also a figure hugging female iron man costume.

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And for the woman that loves to show off her decolletage, there is the very sexy bustier. Let’s check out both these sexy female Iron Man costume options on sale now.

Sometimes women’s versions of men’s costumes are wide off the mark, but the costume designers have hit the nail right on the head with these outfit tie-ins for the latest 2013 solo adventure of the man in iron.

These costumes look like the original Mark 42 costume design, but they have been perfectly modified to show off a woman’s sexy form.

Let’s take a look at the available female Iron Man costume options.

Womens Iron Man Costume

Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Bodysuit CostumeMs Stark is also on a mission to save the world, but not from enemies. She’s here to spice things up.

This sexy Womens Iron Man 3 costume consists of a bodysuit with thumbhole in cuffs.

It does not include footwear, so you may wish to purchase a pair of gold or yellow shoes or boots to complete your outfit.

This costume is officially licensed.

Womens Iron Man Bustier Mark 42

Iron Man 3 Mark 42 BustierOoh la la, this will set the Halloween party on fire and melt through metal.

The Bustier consists of the red and gold bustier only, so you may wish to buy a pair of red or gold pants to complete the look.

And don’t forget to wear some gold or yellow boots too!

The bustier is an officially licensed product.

Womens Iron Man Tank Dress

Iron Man Tank DressIf tank dresses are more our style, then you will love this movie tank dress outfit.

This is based on Iron Man outfit style in general rather than the Mark 42 design features in the 3rd and latest movie from the very successful Iron Franchise.

Available in small, medium, large and x-large this red tank dress with detail will allow you to move comfortably around in your favorite style dress while sporting the design of one of this year’s hottest superheros.

This is an officially licensed product.

Iron Man Kids Costume – The New Patriot & Mark 42 Costumes

Iron Man Kids CostumeAn Iron Man kids costume is one of the best outfits to get your boy this year.

Both the Patriot Costume and the Mark 42 Iron man 3 costume allow your boy to look and feel like he is a real super hero, and ready to destroy some baddies.

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Boys love to pretend they are a big strong superhero and of course it is of no surprise that many will of course want to be the superhero of the moment. And one of the hottest superheros of 2013 is Iron Man.

This character has now had 3 of his own movies and also starred alongside other Marvel Superheros in 2012s Avengers movie, making him one of the most popular superheros of recent years alongside Batman.

Iron Man 3 Patriot Kids Costume

Iron Man 3 Patriot Kids CostumeLet your kid represent a great superhero and USA Patriot in the Patriot kids costume.

The Iron Man 3 Patriot costume for kids comes with a super-suit fashioned after the red, white and blue of the US flag.

The Patriot kids costume also features a sculpted muscle torso, plus a feature that will really delight your boy – the star arc reactor in the center of the chest.

Note: it doesn’t light up, but you can get a version of the Mark 42 outfit below that does have a light up arc reactor.

To complete this officially licenses outfit, a Patriot kids ½ mask is included.

Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Kids Costume

Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Kids CostumeTony Stark returns in 2013 better and stronger in the Mark 42 suit.

This Iron Man 3 costume for kids, is for boys that prefer to be the main star of the movie, rather than the Patriot. This kids costume will make a kid feel ready to save the world.

The Mark 42 Costume consists of a super-suit that features a sculpted muscle torso.

Plus like the Patriot version, it features a cool faux arc reactor at the chest’s center.

To complete this officially licensed costume, you also get a kids ½ mask.

Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Muscle Light Up Kids Costume

Iron Man 3 Mark 42 Muscle Light Up Kids CostumeYour boy will love this outfit because not only does he get to look like one of the year’s hottest superheros, but what kid doesn’t like extra features?

This kids costume has a feature that your boy will love playing with in the form of an LED light up arc reactor.

The outfit consists of a Mark 42 muscle torso and arms jumpsuit, plus character mask and LED arc reactor. Shoes not included.


Iron Man 3 Helmet / Mask

Iron Man 3 HelmetIf you are making your own version of the Iron Man 3 costume or do not want the spend money buying a costume, then getting a mask is the next best choice.

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You have a choice of the Mark 42 or the Patriot War Machine helmet to choose from.

Because it’s so novel and different from the usual Iron Man style, I prefer the Patriot War Machine helmet myself.

So let’s take a closer look at each helmet shall we?

Patriot Helmet / Mask

Iron Man 3 Patriot War Machine HelmetPatriot Helmet

Whether you are saving the US from Halloween monsters or celebrating July 4th, the Patriot helmet fits right in beautifully.

Combine it with a red, blue or white/gray top for great effect, or with your own Patriot War Machine costume design.

The helmet measures 9.5″ H x 7.5″ W.

This helmet is an officially licensed product.

Iron Man Mark 42 Helmet / Mask

Iron Man 3 Mark 42 HelmetMark 42 Helmet

The Mark 42 Adult Helmet consists of a character helmet that measures 9.5″ H x 7.5″ W.

Works great if you are creating your own costume, or if you are wearing a red or gold colored top or t-shirt.

This helmet is an officially licensed product.

Movie Trailer

The exciting trailer released in advance of the Iron Man 3 movie.



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